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Spanish Classes Beginner II - 10 sessions - 90min

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Spanish Classes Beginner II

If you know the basics in Spanish and you want to step up! these are the classes for you.

10 classes, 1.5h each, tailored for learning everything you need for travelling or get that 2023 PURPOSE of learning a new language.

Every class is fun, dynamic, effective and full of games and laughing around.

Wed 6:30-8pm

From 25 Jan - 29 March


  1. Me gusta- No me gusta, other lazy verbs, appreciation verbs.
  2. Booking, how to get accomodation, asking prices, hotel vocabulary
  3. Give and receive indications in the city. How to buy tickets and travel (plane, metro, bus),
  4. Time and date.
  5. City vocabulary
  6. Clothes & body parts
  7. Conjugation in present tense
  8. Expression with Tener + others to express feelings
  9. Home vocabulary + Hay (there is or there are)
  10. Weather vocabulary and other conversation starters.


Location: Wotso Neutral Bay

Min 3 students

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