Special romantic program personalised Spanish classes for couples, an activity extra to know your partner and have fun learning a new language together! 


Spanish classes special for couples in 10 weeks, 60 minutes, once a week. Online or face to face.  Price is for the couple!


  • Personalised sessions according to your process. Activities designed to have fun with your partner and know each other better.
  • Grammar, pronunciation, culture, and so much discovering.
  • Games and fun dynamics always learning Spanish.
  • Bank of material for the class & extras for your personal  learning out of the class.
  • Access to multiple complementary platforms  & workshops.
  • Permanent contact with your teacher, you can ask questions, to solve concerns and even ask about the meaning of the song "despacito"!
  • Flexible time.
  • Min 2 students.
  • Can be online, in your home, in a space in your office, NSW State library, close to the city, we will find the best spot made to make you feel comfortable and learn all the Spanish in regular basis.

Spanish classes for couples <3

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