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Free trial class!

Are you keen on Spanish classes but you are not sure about methodology, prices, what suit you better?


Let's have a chat!

We offer a 1 hour FREE trial class so we can have fun with Spanish, meet each other, check your level, know your interests and goals and solve all your concerns! We are looking forward to meet you soon!

Are you not located in Sydney and are you interested in online classes? 

Send us a message, click the envelope!

Do you want to know more?

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  • Personalised sessions according to your process & goals.

  • Grammar, pronunciation, culture and so much discovering!

  • Games, dynamics & innovative approaches to the contents.

  • Bank of material for the class & extras for your personal learning out of the class. 

  • Access to multiple complementary platform & workshops

  • Permanent contact with your teacher, you can ask question, solve concerns and ask about your duolingo task! 

All classes includes:

Spanishería KIDS

Whether children want to learn a new language for fun, or need support for what they learn in school, or want to learn Spanish to talk to their parents, grandparents, family or friends; all of our classes include lots of games, crafts, use of technology, and a friendly and practical approach to the rules of the language, such as grammar and pronunciation. Our classes are always highly personalized to the needs of each student, not only in content and interests, but we also adapt our methodology to the way each child learns and not the other way around. 


We love seeing how children learn very quickly and in a short time develop skills in another language that will be useful forever.


60 min - 1 class

90 min - 1 class

60 min - 10 classes

90 min - 10 classes










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