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Paz Moreno P.

Teacher & Creative Director

¡Hola! My name is Paz and I am from Chile. I love music, cinema, practice Muay Thai and I am fascinated by languages. Teaching Spanish is for me a precious intersectional space that I constantly appreciate, care for and question. 


I studied Hispanic Philology, Literature, and Linguistics and later did a Master's in Gender Theory and Cultural Studies. I have a certificate in Art History and I studied one year of Psychology. I love learn and how we learn in different areas.


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I have worked as a teacher for 10 years. I did classes in schools, private and public institutions, at the university and institutes with students of all ages. I love the learning process because it is the only hope for the future that we actually have in our hands in the present. 

I live in Sydney because my hubby was studying his PhD here. Then covid and isolation happened and we are in Australia for a little longer. Here, I always have been super happy and thankful to be able to work in my profession! but also I work as pet nanny and sometimes as kitchen hand or anything I feel like! I really like to have new experiences and these have helped me a lot to create better classes and known many many fantastic people.

In 2016, with my hubby Mauricio and my cat Ulises, we sold all our things, we quitted our jobs (well... the cat never worked) and we went to travel for a year to Europe, where we taught Spanish and English classes in Poland, Italy, Serbia and Croatia.


During that period I went to Salamanca, Spain, to study the specific training for Teaching Spanish for Foreigners (ELE). I have had hundreds of students and great experiences thanks to them (for example being invited to a VIP party with Depeche Mode ...). 

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I always put into my classes respectful gender perspective and I work to create safe and trustworthy spaces where is easy to learn about yourself and be more aware while we are learning a new language.


I want a Spanish language that goes beyond grammar, that encourage to think, connect, make questions and changes. It is possible, necessary and fun.

Despite the fact that our life has changed a lot in a few years, Ulises my cat continues doing basically the same thing as always: sleeping and eating.



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