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Spanish classes designed for your needs, interest and goals!

We are an innovative & fresh school to learn Spanish language and culture with all the Latin-American vibes.


Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive place with access to multiple resources to learn Spanish in a friendly, highly personalised but effective way; using all the possibilities that the fun Latin culture has to offer.

Somos una escuela innovadora y fresca para aprender español y cultura con toda la vibra latinoamericana.


Nuestra misión es generar un lugar seguro e inclusivo con acceso a múltiples recursos para aprender español de una manera amable, muy personalizada pero efectiva; usando todas las posibilidades que la divertida cultura Latina tiene para ofrecer.


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Spanish Begginer online course |


We think constantly about language, so we deeply believe that Spanish is for CONNECTION, and we are going to give you many advices and tips to overcome your obstacles in COMMUNICATION, not only in relation to words, also with respect to culture, habits and differences with other languages and cultures. 



We care about YOUR LEARNING so the focus is not about our teaching. We aim for identify YOUR WAYS and go for it. How you learn, your comprehension, your practice and what is the best for YOU in the classroom are our goals all the time. We are not obstinate in speaking all the tricky grammar contents in Spanish because we have to, or in maintaining an activity that you are not enjoying just because that is the only thing we prepared. Our experience helps to be the best we can be in every class.

INNOVATION is our blood type. On topics, resources, methods, we are not the usual and repetitive school of language, we care about details and what is the best for you and that is the most effective and fast way to learn.


For Spanishería you are important as STUDENT as much as a PERSON, so we are flexible and we understand that life is busy and study voluntarily is a big opportunity but also can be a big stress, because life happens! For that reason we prepare everything so well that your class became a great moment and not a boring one at all! ...but if you can't make it, EASY, we reschedule and that's it, your class is still available for you, we are not taking that from your pack.



If our approach to the content is not the best for your way to learn we are going to adapt and thrive. And you will learn, and you will finish that class or the next one feeling like you are a Queen o King of that content.



Our Spanish classes are extremely personalised but the core respects the Common European Framework of Reference; so everything you learn with us is the same that you would learn in every other official course of Spanish language around the globe (BUT BETTER because you learned those contents in a meaningful and adapted way for YOU, and is proved that in that way they stay in our brains for long)



Our classes are held not just by professionally qualified, NATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHERS; (honestly) we are nerds about teaching Spanish so we are super updated and avant-garde about everything related with Spanish language and culture. 



In Spanishería you are going to learn the language in a dynamic and culturally stimulating environment; but most important, in a safe, inclusive and respectful space for all genders, nationalities, ages and cultures. 

We teach kids, teenager and adults with the dynamic needed for every process.



Our Students RECEIVE THE MATERIAL for classes FOR FREE (and if you bought a book before, no worries! we incorporate it to our classes) and also free access to many resources for learning better and faster. We cared about our environment so we go mainly for digital material and we make them attractive, effective and lovely.


You will receive INFO & INVITATIONS relating to events organised by the school and others interesting places to practice your Spanish all around!




Follow us on Instagram @spanisheria for a bunch of free materials, hilarous stories, reels, activities & fun exercises to practice your Spanish daily. 

Podcast & Playlists

We are thrilled to invite you at our new space: LUPA, el Podcast de Spanishería.

Find us with this link or searching "Spanisheria" "Lupa Spanisheria" in Spotify, Apple podcast or IVoox. ENJOY!

Not less important: dance (or cry...) with the two great playlists that we have created for you.

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What our gorgeous students say about Spanishería:

Paz is my Spanishería teacher and I could not recommend her enough! She is fun, and incredibly smart, and she has become a good friend as well as a great teacher! I have learnt so much from her and she is always helpful whenever I have questions. I’ve never felt more comfortable in a Spanish class!

(Jasmine - Marketing director)

I have loved learning with Spanishería. I have noticed such a significant improvement with my spanish, and as someone who learnt most of my Spanish organically, being able to fully understand why I use and conjugate the way I do has been really helpful. Not only have I gained a teacher, I also love that i’ve gained a friend to talk to as well as learn from!

(Romina - Flight attendant)

I highly recommend Paz, she is an excellent teacher, very thorough, and fully customises her classes to your interests. She’s the best!


(Leesa - Phd Social Sciences and English teacher)

It’s my 3rd term with Paz at Spanisheria and I’ve learnt so much within that time. I can easily say that I grow more confident with my Spanish each session. Easy to use and follow systems. Flexible times and most of all very enjoyable. It’s an hour where I can escape the regular work week and almost feel like I’m in another country. Highly recommend the team at spanisheria. 

(Pras - Personal Trainer)

I've tried a number of different methods of learning Spanish; classes with other groups, DuoLingo, online lessons, etc. but I have never gotten as much out of a class as Spanisheria classes with Paz. Paz' teaching style and the learning curriculum work so well together, and learning the fundamentals and the structure of Spanish is so much more important than simply learning the words, which is something new that I had never done before. Spanisheria classes prepare me for Spanish with an indepth understanding of the Spanish language from a literacy perspective, and although all of our classes were online, it never felt like there was anything being lost. There was always time to ask questions and receive indepth responses, Paz is great with her students in lessons, creating a very open and enjoyable learning environment. Students are encouraged to discuss their learning to develop it further. It's an excellent class with a rewarding, engaging curriculum and interesting lesson plans, all thanks to the lovely minds behind the magic. Me gusta!

(Jordan - Customer Service Worker and High school student)


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